Knowledge of the latest changes in the regulations is a fundamental tool to assist companies activity on the market strongly conditioned by legal restrictions.

In everyday practice companies find difficulties in keeping track of all changes in law regulations. Moreover, companies and single employers find difficulty to make right interpretations of often intricate and complex rules.

We provide necessary assistance dedicated and competent advisors.

Obligations of entrepreneurs to placing products on the market  resulting from the Polish national law for the handling of chemicals, that is the Act on chemical substances and mixtures (Ustawa o substancjach chemicznych i ich mieszanin) and the ensuing regulations concerning the use and trading of chemicals by the manufacturer, importer, downstream user or distributor.

Explanations and reviews related to the Protocols of control authorities and consumers’ complaints regarding MSDSs, label content in terms of legal requirements.

Law and Technical reviews – concerning the responsibilities of entrepreneurs under REACH:

  • Annex II – Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Annex XIV – permits and candidate list
  • Annex XVII – restriction of trading and use

and other technical expertise on an agreed topic.

Thanks to the qualified team of experts we are able to to guarantee high quality services in the area of legal and technical knowledge .



Professional training and consulting for owners and employees responsible for placing products on the market and use of chemicals. Perform and agree the scope of training, after executed Audit. Conduct training on proper assessment of SDSs.